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20 Years Old.
Soon to be mommy;; [ 2/17/15 ]

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Pussy put his ass to sleep, now he callin’ me NyQuil



Anything helps!! Please Signal Boost!!!
I love Hope very very much, and her mom is one of my best friends.
feel free to contact me with any questions about her condition.
Read the Go fund me page for more information as well.

Thank you everyone sooo much.

Hope and all of her human friends <3

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Anonymous asked: Your having a kid with a white guy?????? how does it feel to be his latina whore ???????


Wait is this a serious question?! LMFAO!. Even though I love the sex we have and how dominant he is. I’m much more than just his “whore” I’m the mother of his daughter and his future wife. But I am all his. 

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I will teach my daughter to be an amazing woman. To demand respect from men and women alike because she deserves it. Teach her that no matter what mistakes she makes they will make her a better person and I will always be there for her. Teach her to not be afraid of the gift of life God has given…

"You’re going to be 21 and pregnant, how are you going to even enjoy yourself?"


I’ve smoked more weed, and drank more alcohol between the ages of 10-20 than people barely turning 40. 

I’m trying to start a family and settle down with the the man I love. Not saying partying when you’re 21 is stupid. But don’t try and put me down because I have more responsibility to my child that I am carrying than a fucking bong rip, or fucking tequila shots. That shit can all wait, the health of my baby girl is irreplaceable and infinitely way more important than all that shit. Plus my idea of a “party” anymore tbh, is going out to eat with people I love and actually want to be around, not people I hate and want to impress, cake of some sort and a fucking glass of wine. 

Not saying I will never drink alcohol again in my life. I want to make sure my daughter is healthy, has the best breast milk, and has a Mother that chooses HER over the fucking club every weekend. 

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